Body-Reborn Post-Natal Series

Christine Bullock’s Body Re-Born Post-Natal Program is a series of gentle but effective workouts designed to help new mothers recondition their core while building the overall strength and stamina needed to be a superhero mom. Three progressive workouts are included, easing you from beginner exercises with a focus on reconditioning the deep pelvic floor muscles and sculpting the core, to intermediate exercises with more attention to toning key areas like hips, pelvis, thighs and arms. Short energy-building workouts can fit into your busy schedule throughout the day while you focus on your new beautiful baby.
This unique program is designed to meet the many demands of motherhood:
•    All exercises are created to reactivate and strengthen the deep pelvic floor muscles and core.
•    Pilates, yoga and ballet inspired moves strengthen, tone and elongate the full-body.
•    Workouts target key areas to sculpt the hips, pelvis, glutes, and arms.
•    Stretches low back, hips and chest, along with other areas commonly tight post-pregnancy.
•    Short effective energy-building workouts, perfect to fit into your day anywhere for the busy mom.